mission and values

Our Mission Statement
To improve the health of our community by providing exceptional healthcare.

Our Vision
We are caring professionals driven by standards of excellence who go above and beyond to provide an exceptional patient care experience.

Patients and their families first
Honesty, integrity and transparency in action
Operational excellence
Teamwork, collaboration and communication

Why should you choose Chesterfield Urology?
Find relief. Receive hope and return to a normal life.  At Chesterfield Urology, we understand that visiting a urologist may be an uneasy experience, so we are committed to making you as comfortable as possible during your appointment. We believe good communication is an essential part of the doctor-patient relationship, and we encourage you to discuss any aspect of your health care with us. We feel health services should be convenient to access, yet personalized to meet the unique needs of each patient.

about dr. paul roberto

Dr. Paul Roberto, was born and raised in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, and attended St. Louis University. He continued his education at the University of Cincinnati – College of Medicine, where he graduated in 1992. Upon graduation, he entered a surgical and urological residency at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Roberto then practiced in the Richmond area for more than 16 years before opening his own urology practice in 2014.

Medicine has always been an interest of Dr. Roberto’s. Since he was a child, he has been fascinated with how the body worked.  He feels it is the ultimate aspect of science. Dr. Roberto focused his studies on urology because most of the conditions he treats can be corrected or improved. Even most urological cancers are highly curable.

When Dr. Roberto opened Chesterfield Urology he had one specific goal in mind, to offer patient focused personalized service. Dr. Roberto hopes to provides the type of hometown medicine that seems to be missing in today’s world. Practicing for almost two decades, he saw how the world of medicine was changing. Patient’s were having to rely on shortened visit times with their physicians.

When you visit Dr. Roberto, you can relax knowing your visit will never be rushed. You will receive care from a physician who is willing to spend as much time with you as needed to properly diagnose and treat your condition. Through one-on-one appointments and individualized service, Dr. Roberto feels confident his patients receive care that exceeds their expectations.

Dr. Roberto proudly operates a physician-only practice that offers convenient evening hours. Since there are no nurse practitioners or physician assistants, you will always know you are seeing your doctor when you schedule an appointment.

Contact us to learn more about Dr. Paul Roberto and Chesterfield Urology. We are here to provide compassionate care to our patients, we look forward to serving you.